Easy Rider Shop - hand control installation as easy as placing the order for your hand controls - let our driving aid give you freedom!


You are in the right place to get mobile fast: buy Easy Rider hand controls from our Easy Rider shop and see the quick and easy installation of hand control before you order your driving aid.

The decades' track record of the Easy Rider Hand Controls that has provided independence to so many disabled people over the years, should give you peace of mind.

The hand controls are easy to use and generally it takes a new user 2 weeks at the most to acclimatise to a point of total comfort driving with them.

In your package you will find:

  • Your pre-assembled control
  • 2 sets of clamps: for permanent & temporary vehicles respectively
  • The strap that holds the control to the steering column (for height adjustment)
  • The usage and installation instructions together with your warranty
LIGHT: 1.2kg

Order Hand Control

To shop for an Easy Rider Hand Control, it is as simple as connecting with Easy Rider to place your order and then EFT payment upon receipt of our invoice.

The cost is R6200 (incl of VAT & Shipping to main centers in SA). If you are situated outside of South Africa, additional costs may apply and we will advise upfront.

We are generally able to courier to you within a business day of receiving payment; unless you required adjustments we agreed to comply with.

The Easy Rider Control is designed to last you a lifetime with little maintenance (other than checking for wear & screw tightness on temporary clamps).

For practical reasons it comes with a 3 year unconditional warranty on materials and workmanship.

Please contact us about upgrades and services, and parts are available on request. We subscribe to a continuous improvement methodology.

Install Hand Control

The Easy Rider hand control is truly simple and quick to install to most automatic, 4×4, SUV's and all wheel drive vehicles.

Most people install it themselves. No tools are needed for the temporary installation (e.g. on rental car) and 2 x 13mm spanners are all you need for the permanent installation (e.g. on your daily vehicle). Since you may want the freedom of using it on different vehicles (e.g. when travelling), it is useful to learn to install and remove it oneself.

You can also have it installed at car dealerships willing to assist, pay us travel costs to come install it for you at your premises, or, if you are in the Garden Route area, bring your vehicle to us and we will install it for you at no extra charge!

Easy Rider Hand Controls have been safety tested and their use remain subject to the correct installation and use as per our manual.

Please download the complete installation manual (PDF) here. Kindly note the important usage and safety guidelines therein.

In your Parcel

The Easy Rider Hand controls come pre-assempled, ready to fit to your automatic vehicle.

Video: Permanent Clamp Installation

Disabled Users of Hand Controls for vehicles of disabled people.

"Excellent safety control! The hand controls are very safe, reliable, user-friendly and easy to adapt." - Clarence