Hand Controls - paraplegics, some quads, amputees, Cerebral Palsy & MS sufferers, and those with passing need (e.g. hip replacement) - can enjoy independence and drive!


People take for granted the freedom and independence mobility brings and now disabled people like paraplegics, some quads, amputees, those with Cerebral Palsy & MS, little people battling to reach pedals and those with a temporary need (e.g. after hip replacement) can drive in a car enhanced with hand controls for the disabled.

Whether newly disabled or raised with a disability, everyone deserves to enjoy the freedom of the open road!

Easy Rider Hand Controls are designed to help as many disabled people as possible.

Become mobile today!


Hand Controls for Paraplegics

Being a paraplegic himself, Louis originally designed and built the hand controls with paraplegics in mind.

The control allows maximum use by paraplegics and ensure it ticks all the boxes when looking for a driving aid.

Hand Controls for Amputees

The Easy Rider hand control works for right and left leg amputees on automatic vehicles. Some right leg amputees use the control in their manually geared vehicles too. It allows for safer and more convenient operation.

Amputees find it a lot less stressful driving with the assistance of the control.

Hand Controls for ​Low Level Quads

Although not used by all quadriplegics, there are some lower level cases where the control works perfectly, provided the patient has enough strength to control the vehicle.

Chat to us to discuss your situation.

Hand Controls for those with MS

Since it provides options as muscle weakness progresses, the Easy Rider Hand Control can ensure longer independence for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.

Where co-ordination hand/arm strength allows, it can also be used by some people with Cerebral Palsy.

Hand Controls for Little People

With the modern vehicles being designed for the masses, it is sometimes difficult to source a driving solution if you are unable to reach the pedals.

Many have found the Easy Rider Control to be the solution to this dilemma, allowing them the pleasure of driving, some for the first time.

Hand Controls for Temporary Use

If you've had a knee replacement, hip replacement or lower leg / foot injury that hampers your travels, use this driving aid; it's given independence to many temporarily incapacitated patients.

Installed quickly when needed & removed once recovered, it leaves your car intact.

The ideal hand controls for use temporarily, e.g. after a knee or hip replacement, with foot or ankle in a cast etc.
Hand controls for Amputees, hand controls for Paraplegics, hand controls for Quadruplegics, hand controls for MS sufferers, hand controls for Cerebral Palsied people.
Disabled people can drive independently with Easy Rider hand controls for Paraplegics, Amputees and others. Photo Credit - Henry Co via unsplash.
Disabled Users of Hand Controls for vehicles of disabled people.

"Good day, I hope you are all well. I have installed the Easy Rider system on my wife's car and it works perfectly, thanks. I've had the same system for 13 years already on my own car. My wife started using it too as we are now both in wheelchairs. Thank you again." - James