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Tel: +27 (0)82 778 0735

34 Cycad Crescent, Sedgefield, 6573, South Africa

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About Easy Rider & Louis

Louis Nortje is the designer and owner of Easy Rider Hand Controls, himself disabled since 1975 due to a mining accident.

Louis has extensive experience with and understanding of the needs of disabled people and was himself involved in Disability Sport for 12 years.

Commercial hand controls were not available in 1975, so Louis contracted someone to build his first hand control; thereafter he designed and built all his subsequent hand controls himself. He learnt what worked and what didn't and continuously overcame shortcomings.

In the early 2000’s the Easy Rider Control idea was born when Louis designed and constructed his first Easy Rider Control prototype for himself. After a couple of months a 2nd, highly portable, control was built to use on his wife's car for when they wanted to share driving on holiday travels. He soon realised that a commercially accepted, no-nonsense, cost-effective hand control would be a great advantage to the disabled community. He started planning, researching, and designing a commercially viable hand control which took 18 painstaking months to bring to market.

After this the Easy Rider Control was regularly used at new car exhibitions that allowed disabled people to test-drive new vehicles including 4x4 and other off-road vehicles. Louis also became involved with advanced driver training for the disabled with Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

With safety as the main goal, Louis tried to get the hand control SABS approved, however no standard existed. Due to the lack of an SABS standard the American SAE standard was used as a benchmark for the quality and safety of the hand control.

After some testing research, it was decided to negotiate with Gerotek who agreed to undertake the testing of the hand control. Easy Rider remains one of very few subjected to testing by an accredited testing institution!

Years later Louis served on the appropriate SABS committee for about 18 Months to try and establish a standard for hand controls in South Africa, until he realised it was a dead end.

Most manufacturers are non-disabled persons with a pure profit motive. Louis is not only disabled and using his own product daily, but desires to provide a safe and affordable hand control in the interest of the disabled.

Disabled Users of Hand Controls for vehicles of disabled people.

"Thank you, your product has enabled me to drive my Pathfinder again! I fitted the kit using the instructions and video, then got straight into my vehicle and drove - it's really not that difficult!" - Anthony (amputee)