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A revolutionary control that can be used by just about anyone.


Being a paraplegic the control is designed and built with us in mind.
The control has been designed to allow maximum use by paraplegics and ensure it ticks all the boxes when looking for a driving aid.


Many right leg amputees have fitted the control to their vehicles to allow for not only safer operation, but also more convenient operation. It becomes a lot less stressful driving for them, as they have assistance from the control.

Little People

With the modern vehicle being designed for the masses it is sometimes difficult to source a driving solution if you are unable to reach the pedals. Many have found the Easy Rider Control to be the solution to this dilemma, allowing them the pleasure of driving, some for the first time.

Multiple Sclerosis

The control has been designed to ensure it ticks all the boxes when looking for a driving aid.

Hip Replacements

If you find a hip replacement being a setback in your travels, look no further than a driving aid that can be removed once you have recovered. The Easy Rider Control has allowed many a hip replacement patient the freedom and independance once more. .

​Low Level Quads

Although not used by all quadraplegics, there are some lower level cases where the control does work perfectly, provided the patient has enough strength to control the vehicle.

Opportunity: Driving school offering driving lessons to the disabled?

With the Easy Rider Control unit, which costs but a fraction of other hand controls, this could become a viable proposition for driving schools.

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