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Affordable driving aids that are easy to use and simple to install!


Fitting Instructions for portable hand control

(Patent pending no 2007/01128)

This unit is designed to give you years of trouble free operation with little or no maintenance. It is manufactured to the highest standards.

This control unit has been designed with the ultimate aim of safety and control. Giving paraplegics ease of mobility once again allowing us to be independent. The telescopic arms have been sealed to ensure that they do not fail. Besides normal length adjustments, no other length adjustments are possible.

It is extremely important to remember that this is a Push-Pull system, the handle of the left hand control cannot be flipped around to make it “right handed” once the handle is flipped around it is no longer a Push-Pull system, and the control becomes unsafe.

The Easy Rider Control comes to you assembled. Once setup for your vehicle the control can be fitted or removed in minutes, making it suitable to use in a family car, allowing the vehicle to be driven normally by another person.

Long distance driving becomes a pleasure as driving can now be shared.

Going overseas or need to rent a car? Pack your control into your bags. Renting a car has never been this easy your control can be used on any rented car.

Being an adjustable hand control unit it will fit most automatic, 4×4, SUV’s and all wheel drive vehicles. As seen here fitted to a compact SUV.


In your package you will find:

1. You will find your assembled control.

2. The strap, that fixes the control to the steering column.

3. Your instructions together with your warranty.

(Please note the bags are no longer included at this time)

Adjusting your control to fit your vehicle :

Pedal Clamps

The accelerator pedal will always fit horizontally while the brake pedal will fit vertically. It is important to ensure that your pedal clamps are properly fitted and tightened to your brake and accelerator pedals. Do not remove your pedal rubbers under any circumstances.


Here I wish to stress the importance of the safety chain on your brake pedal. The safety chain is the most important safety feature on your hand control. You must ensure that it is fitted correctly.

The correct fitment of the safety chain, the brake clamp will be placed to the left of the brake stalk, the safety chain needs to go around the front of the brake stalk and down the back of the pedal once again to the right of the brake stalk, the chain must then be connected to the bottom bolt on the brake clamp.

You can now continue to connect the top piece of the brake clamp, and tightening with the hand wheels provided (ensure that you can see the silver nut inside the hand wheel when putting it on. It must be facing up towards you not down to the pedal)

Once in place the clamp should not be able to slide off the pedal, either to the left or the right. Both hand wheel should come of before the clamp comes of the pedal.If the clamp comes of the brake pedal when you slacken the hand wheels the chain is fitted incorrectly.


On some European cars the clamp needs to be split in order to clamp it to the accelerator pedal. However on most cars the clamp will simply slip over the pedal from the bottom or top.

If possible it is recommended that it be slid from the top down. After tightening the hand wheels ensure that the clamp does not catch on the carpeting or the interior body work to the right of the pedal, and that the pedal moves freely.

(It is important to check the the tension on your hand wheels regularly, this is the clamp that is likely to come off first, if the hand wheels go unchecked for some time.

Do not panic if the clamp slides off, you are still able to brake. Stop the car and refit your clamp on the pedal.)


It is recommended that the control adjustment be carried out, outside of the vehicle. However with the new improvements to the control it is extremely easy to do the adjustment from within the vehicle.

From outside the vehicle :

Measure the distance between top of your brake pedal to the inside of the steering wheel, do the same measurement for the accelerator.

If you minus 10cm from these measurements and adjust your control to this length you will be close to the measurement that will be required to operate your vehicle.

Example:  if the measurements you obtained are –

Brake 620mm

Accelerator 670mm

Minus 100mm of these measurements.

Measurement to be used on control –

Brake 520mm

Accelerator 570mm

The control measurement is done from the inside of the clamps to the top part of the handle.

Adjustments is made to the telescopic arms in the following way:

Slacken the locknut (Hand wheel) on the bottom of the telescopic. Turn the clamp to the left (anti clockwise) to lengthen the arm, to the right (clockwise) to shorten the arm. Once fitted final adjustment could be made by removing the clevis pins on the handle and adjust by rotating the telescopic bar in the required direction.

Hand tighten the screws at the bottom of the outer telescopic arm to lock the telescopic’s in place. Ensure that your brake clamp faces downward and your accelerator clamp to the right.

Your control is now ready for fitment.

(If you do not have a tape measure available remove the bottom parts of the clamps. Place the brake telescopic on the brake pedal and adjust as above until you have sufficient clearance. Do the same for the accelerator.)

From inside the vehicle:

First begin by fitting the clamps to the pedals. (this works best if you disconnect the telescopic arms from the handle, simply clip off the clevis pins and pull lightly.) Refit the handle to check where the handle is in relation to the steering wheel. If it is not the required 100mm (10cm) away from the steering wheel, either shorten the brake and lengthen the petrol telescopic or vice versa to get the best adjustment. Adjusting from inside the car does work best when one telescopic is adjusted at a time.

The left hand control fitted to an F-Type Jaguar


Fitment: (SEE SKETCH)

Step 1. Suspend your control via the brake telescopic to the steering column with the strap provided.

Step 2. Slide your accelerator clamp onto the accelerator pedal and clamp down using the daisy wheel screw.

Step 3. Slip the brake clamp over the brake pedal from the back. Slip your safety chain around the pedal ensuring that it would prevent the clamp from slipping of the pedal. Attach before you clamp down the pedal with the daisy wheel.

Step 4. Adjust your sling strap to the correct height ensuring that it does not catch on other controls, and keeps the control out of the way of your legs.

Your control is now ready for use, check the following

Heightensure that your control can be pushed and pulled, without clashing with other steering controls. The position should allow you simultaneous control of the steering wheel, controls and control handle, if not make adjustments to the strap.

Check and ensure that the clamps do not catch at the bottom on the carpets or side, ensure that you have free movement.

LengthCheck to ensure that by pulling the handle to within 1cm from the steering wheel that you get maximum acceleration. This adjustment can also be used to govern your car. Adjust as required by removing the handle, slack the screw at the bottom of the telescopic and turning the outer brake telescopic in the required direction.

LevellingYour control arm can be levelled. Loosen the hand wheel lock screw at the bottom of the Telescopic’s, and re-tightened, with your control arm in the correct position.

Make sure that you lock the hand wheel screws at the bottom of the telescopic’s once your adjustments are done.


Your clamps are hand tightened with the daisy wheels ( ensure correct fitting of daisy wheels the nut should be visible on the top). Under adverse conditions it could be possible for the screws to vibrate loose. It is therefore recommended that visual and physical inspections be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that the clamps are still properly tightened and attached to the pedals.

Very Important

For your and your passengers safety it is important that you follow the safety instructions covered in this manual. Regularly check the daisy wheel screws on your pedals and the lock screws on your telescopic arms to ensure that they are tight. When your car is serviced ask the mechanic to check for any wear on the control and rectify if necessary.


Weight: 1.2 kg

Length adjustment: 160mm


The Easy Rider Control comes with a three year unconditional warranty on materials and workmanship.

*** For a .pdf version of this document, please click here to download.


Easy Rider Hand Controls allow you to drive you vehicle with hand controls rather than using your feet. 

The telescopic arms of the control have been sealed to ensure that they do not fail. Besides normal length adjustments, no other length adjustments are possible.

It is extremely important to remember that this is a Push-Pull system, the handle of the left hand control cannot be flipped around to make it “right handed” once the handle is flipped around it is no longer a Push-Pull system, and the control becomes unsafe.

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